Zlatoust steel engraving was born as the art of decorating cold weapons. Among the first products, there were not only combat knives but swords, fencing weapons, rapiers, espadons. Weapon handles were made of ebony and ivory. In the second half of the XIX century, the Zlatoust arms factory almost completely supplied the army and navy with combat weapons. The officers often ordered exclusive edged weapons at the Zlatoust factory. 


Nowadays, Zlatoust arms factory specialises in the production of damascus knives, decorated weapons, exclusive corporate souvenirs, decorated tableware and home accessories. All items are handmade. Zlatoust craftsmen use the best grades of steel, precious metals, expensive types of wood, precious stones.


What makes Zlatoust production so unique?

In the process of production, Zlatoust craftsmen use modern, high-quality materials and innovative technologies, which allow them to successfully compete in the international market.


At your request, Zlatoust craftsmen will produce an exclusive product or a series of products.

Zlatoust artists develop a completely new product according to the client's requirements, and can engrave a logo or text for your gift.