Table Set "Detroit"

Vendor code: 1207



The uniqueness of the product lies in the combination of vintage and futuristic design features. The name “Detroit” brings us back to the time of T.A. Edison whose lamps have been used in the design of “Detroit”. Two colours have been used in a coating process – black and silver nickel. Zlatoust craftsmen preferred an architecture of austerity and coherence stripped of unnecessary embellishment. The table set would be incomplete without such accessories as a business card holder, cylindrical glasses for pens and pencils, a paper knife, and a magnifying glass.


Business card holder & glasses for pens and pencils: height – 130 mm, foundation 281x105mm.


Magnifying glass - 190x70 mm. 


Paper knife: length – 210 mm, total height – 240 mm, foundation – 67x148 mm.


Thermometer Galileo Galilei: height – 307 mm, diameter of the foundation – 103 mm.

Clock: height – 127mm, foundation – 179x60 mm.


Table lamp: height – 540 mm, diameter of the foundation – 250 mm, diameter of the upper ring – 310 mm.

Price £15 600