Sword "Sham Singh"

Vendor code: 1204



The sword’s sharpest blade is forged from Turkish Damascus steel. The handle is exquisitely decorated with an etched gilded oriental pattern. A carved boxwood hilt is decorated with openwork perforated silver gilded overlays on the crosspiece and headband, with ruby, citrine and aquamarine cubic zirconia stones inserted into them. Enamel hidden in the recesses of the handle emphasizes sophistication and subtlety of the carving.
A sumptuous silver chain connects the sheath with a round clasp, covered with an eastern ornament and ruby cubic zirconia stones. 

Manufacturing techniques:

Polishing, brush drawing, drypoint etching, etching, engraving with a chisel, gold plating (5 microns, 999,9), inlay.


Damascus steel (Wild Damascus), silver (925; 3000g), gold, Italian leather, enamel, boxwood, jewellery brass.


Ruby corundum (1033 stones), corundum (149 stones) 133,1ct (karat), citrine (5 stones) 11,2ct (karat), London blue (15 stones) 16,2 ct (karat).

Dimensions: total length – 1010mm, sheaths – 860mm, blade – 960mm.