Sword "Irbis"

Vendor code: 1183



A silver moiré pattern creates a hypnotic effect, accentuating rigidity and might of a durable Damascus blade. The middle eastern style carved boxwood hilt, decorated with azure topaz stones, lazurite cabochons, turquoises & blue agates, is protected by a cross-guard. Incised details and plentifulness of faceted gemstones make a handle look visually lighter and more delicate. An elliptical lazurite cabochon located in the centre of the rain-guard serves as a medallion. A perfectly white leather scabbard with its bluish glare of topazes resembles mountain snow and serves as a background for an unfolding hunting scene - snow leopard, intense and ready to make a mighty leap, is peering out from behind a rock. Filigreed statuettes of animals are skilfully enamelled.

Manufacturing techniques:

Goldsmith, polishing, casting, wood carving, precision casting, electrotyping, gold hallmark 999, nickel plating (10 microns), gold plating (5 microns, 999,9), enamel application, inlay.

Steel grade: 60X14-140X18 (Damascus stainless steel)


Italian perforated leather, jewellery brass, nickel, gold, enamel. Wood: boxwood, ebony tree.


Spinel, topaz, tinted quartz.

Precious gemstones:

Topaz, rauch quartz, colourless topaz.

Dimensions: length – 1050mm.