Table mosque-storage for Quran ''Malachite Mosque''

Vendor code: 1925-2



The mosque is decorated with polished malachite, whose unique symmetrical patterns were made by a stone carver. The malachite multistage central part of the building is crowned with a gilded dome with white, emerald, mint, ruby, and amethyst cubic zirconia. The mosque is surrounded by four slender minarets of an exquisite combination of dark green malachite and snow-white shimmering quartz. All metal parts are carefully polished, generously decorated with hundreds of gems, and finely painted with multicoloured enamel: white, dark green, lilac, mint, crimson. The snow-white stand has a drawer trimmed with beige leather on the inside. The drawer has a place for the Quran, richly decorated with gilding, malachite overlays, faceted stones, and enamels. The beads are carved from dark green malachite and have a pendant with a large malachite cabochon and a gilded overlay with the name of Allah. Different modes of LED lighting can be set with the remote control. The remote control can also turn on the recording – the call of the Muezzin to prayer.

More than fifty artisans took part in the manufacturing of the mosque. It took 2,5 years to produce it.

Manufacturing process:

Goldsmith, polishing, brush drawing, drypoint etching, engraving with a chisel, nickel plating (10 microns), gold plating (5 microns, 999,9), inlay.


Precision casting, nickel, non-ferrous alloy, marble, quartz, lapis lazuli, enamel, light control music module, LED strip light, LED lamp, lighting and audio system with remote control.


Cubic zirconia (in the composition – 10 604 stones, in the Quran – cubic zirconia marquise (40 stones) and cubic zirconia (3912 stones).


Lapis lazuli – 32 stones, cubic zirconia marquise – 184 stones, blue cubic zirconia - 40 stones.

Dimensions: foundation – 712-822mm, total height – 765mm. Approximate weight – 100kg.