Kilij and shield ''Seljuk''

Vendor code: 810

An object of Applied Arts



The blade made of high-quality damascus steel is reinforced with a fuller and covered with gilded oriental ornament. The dark green leather of the sheath is perfectly combined with the gilded ornament on the white and blackened silver metal frame. The sheath has jade inserts. Jade has served as a material for jewellery and a talisman that inspires its owner with courage, decency, and honesty. An elegant clasp plate with a jade cabochon is attached to the mouth of the scabbard. Jade cabochons, combined with green leather of the shield and scabbard and their gold ornament, create a soft and pleasant colour spectrum and attach noble austerity to the scabbard. Round leather shield is covered with etched gilded and silver-plated metal plates.


Manufacturing techniques:

Goldsmith, polishing, brush drawing, drypoint etching, engraving with a chisel, nickel plating (10 microns), gold plating (5 microns, 999,9), silver plating, silver blackening, inlay.

Materials: Steel grade – Damascus. Jewellery brass, gold, silver, nickel. Wood: boxwood. Italian leather.

Gemstones: cubic zirconia, carnelian.

Dimensions: Length of the Kilij – 970mm. Diameter of the shield – 540mm.