Dish for Lobsters and Crayfish "Aragosta"

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A silver dish is decorated with hundreds of topaz stones and covered with the finest pattern. An engraving made by Zlatoust craftsmen using traditional old technologies. Exquisite gilded and blackened designs are applied over the silver. Cloche is crowned with a cast silver gilded figurine of a lobster, adorned with faceted rubies, sapphires and sparkling diamonds.


Manufacturing techniques:

Goldsmith, polishing, brush drawing, drypoint etching, engraving with a chisel, nickel plating (10 microns), gold plating (5 microns, 999,9), silver plating, silver blackening, inlay.


Jewellery brass, casting, gold (999), silver (925).


Sapphire (80 stones), diamond (32 stones), topaz (420stones).


Height – 145mm, length – 575mm, width – 304mm.