Mosque Lamp “Chor Minor” Four Minarets

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Incised and gilded details of the mosque, minarets and domes, crowned with golden crescents, impart lightness and airiness. Enamelled elements of the eastern ornaments, a multiplicity of sparkling kelly green and amber cubic zirconia, marquise faceted cat’s eye cabochons in spiral rims and nephritic details make it vivid and flamboyant not only in the daylight but also in the night-time. It is achieved by the means of multimodal nephritic flask lamp installed behind openwork metal columns. Enigmatic viridescent twilight, created by the lamp, creates an atmosphere of solemnity and mystery. On the one side, the mosque has a drawer, the bottom of which is lapped with emerald Moroccan fabric. On the other side, there is a pedestal for the decorated and covered in emerald Moroccan fabric Quran.

Product information:

Body of the mosque: non-ferrous metal, nickel, gold (999), enamel.

Cabochons: tiger’s eye.

Gemstone: nephrite.

Jewelry stones: green alpanite.

Beads: nephrite, enamel.

Quran in Arabic language.

Dimensions: 260-260mm, height – 290mm.